Yoga programmes

My work with yoga is not a commercial operation, it is not a business. I am interested in sharing the knowledge and experience I have acquired over the decades, with individuals who are serious about the subject and are prepared to make a long term commitment to the practice.

Whether you’re totally new to yoga, somewhat experienced or advanced, the first step is to have a discussion with me over the phone, Skype or Zoom to discuss where you are at, where you’re trying to get to. We can then map out a suitable way forward.

Attendance of online classes, workshops and training courses strictly by advance booking only.

Current regular programmes: we have one Yogasana online practice group, training delivered via Zoom, on Thursdays 6:30-7:45pm. Fee £8 per session. For further details and to book please call me on 07850 045799.

Current workshops:

GUEST LECTURER: Four Lectures on Patanjali’s Yogasutram delivered by yoga expert, Sanskrit scholar and author Dr. Norman Sjoman

Online via Zoom, 2nd, 9th and 23rd February, 2nd March 2021, 6:30-8:00pm London time.

A series of 4 lectures on Patanajali’s Yogasutram by Dr Norman Sjoman. His last book, Yogasutracintamani, looks at the sutras from the larger context of the Indian tradition both before and after the sutras. This brings opinions about the sutras from yogis and people engaged in spiritual disciplines over a period of about 3000 years. In addition the sutras are looked at from the standpoint of contemporary yoga practice rather than academia which points their present relevance. The lecture series will approach the sutras from this point of view. It should enable you to determine what yoga is, where does it come from and where could it go.
The first lecture on the first pada, the yoga of meditation, explores the aim of the spiritual discipline through the knowledge (meditation) complex.
The second lecture, the second pada explores the yoga of action (kriyayoga) through which we explore the limbs of yoga through the 8-fold path (astanga) concentrating carefully on the sutras on asana.
The third lecture will concentrate on Samadhi exploring the concept from the point of view of the sutras and other disciplines. This lecture will also cover the application of Samadhi for extraordinary powers (siddhis).
The fourth lecture will cover the material in the fourth pada of the Yogasutram bringing up additional considerations and bringing the ideas presented in the first lecture to a conclusion. This will include an open question and answer session.

Norman Sjoman spent 25 years in India. He took a doctorate in Sanskrit at the Centre of Advanced Studies in Sanskrit at Pune University. During that time he learned yoga from B K S Iyengar. Afterwards he went to Mysore and spent 14 years reading with Pandits in the traditional learning system. He found a manuscript of 121 asanas in the Mysore Palace and published the book The Yoga Tradition of the Mysore Palace (cited in Vol 13 of the Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies, India’s Meditation Tradition) with an early history and a source of the yoga systems that have grown around the world today. This book revived academic interest in the history of yoga and altered ideas of many devotees of yoga. Since that time he has gone on to publish 3 other books on yoga; the last book Yogasutracintamani being an examination of the yoga tradition in the framework of the Yogasutram but offering material from 1500 years before that text and from a 1500 years after. He was lectured and taught in the UK, Japan, the Netherlands, Sweden, Poland, Hungary, Finland, Estonia, India and Canada. He has taught Sanskrit at UBC, UofC and Berkley. He is one of the ‘pioneers’ of yoga in Canada (see OM Canada) immersed in both the asana practise tradition and the philosophical tradition. He is one of the very few teachers of advanced asanas in Calgary.

The fee for the set of four lectures will be £60 per person. For further information and to arrange bookings please call Ervin on 07850 045 799 (from outside the UK: +44 7850 045 799)