Yoga at home, online and remote training

Yoga at home is the most effective way of learning and practicing yoga. The common alternative is attending classes, but there is a significant difference. Classes are not the right setting for practice, but can be useful to learn techniques and build experience. Simply put, classes are for training, practice takes place in solitude.

Private tuition, where a tutor assist you on a one to one basis, is certainly a very effective way to learn well and fast. What you need is a good tutor, an appropriate programme to work to and a commitment to sticking with it. A weekly private instruction for instance, backed up by additional self practice of yoga at home, can provide a good path to developing a highly effective, enjoyable, personalised practice.

Having access to a ‘private trainer’ has its advantages – closer, more intensive personal attention, guidance and adjustment in every single posture – this cannot be matched in a class setting.

New tuition format – Mentored Training Programme (MTP):
If you want the most efficient way to train, then you should start with a one to one interview and assessment. With my help you can examine your needs, abilities and aspirations. You will then be assisted in creating an ‘Outline Training Plan’ (OTP), detailing what training you will do, when and how. After an agreed period of time this programme will be reviewed, and it will evolve into a ‘Mentored Training Programme’.

I will guide and support you throughout your programme, supply training charts and other training aids and information. Your plan will be monitored and adjusted as you progress and your needs and circumstances change. The plan will usually contain some scheduled workshops and training groups, but mainly focuses on helping you to train on your own at home. This approach to training is the most effective way to make fast progress.

An MTP also has other advantages – you get online support, updated training charts and MP3 voice files with instructions, etc. You will also be eligible for discounted workshop fees. All in all, a Mentored Training Programme encompassing some classes and workshops, a well guided regular home practice with online support, is by far the most effective way to build a practice.

If you’re considering learning at home, through private tuition or an MTP scheme, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.